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Trick Your Brain To Eat Right

This news is enough to scare us all. I have always loved junk food; who doesn’t? But I never knew loving it was this bad! All the while I had thought that eating junking food was just fattening. But I never really knew that it had this negative effect on our brain until I came across this video.

“Startling new insight into the addictive power of sugary, salty, and fatty foods. Would you believe that doctors have found that cravings for junk foods maybe as strong as an addiction to heroin or cocaine?”

I had always thought that my cravings were pretty harmless. Sure, it was a fattening habit but not as bad as being addictive. But this recent study on junk food is quite alarming.

Watch Out For That Sweet Tooth!

Based on the findings of obesity researchers, satisfying a sweet tooth craving can be compared to substance abuse.

“Dr. Joe McClernon at Duke University studies the brain of smokers or drug addicts and his studies show that for many obese people, junk food can trigger the same response.”

The way I understand it is that junk food not only makes us gain so much weight; it also makes us addicted to it. The simple cravings for it are actually dangerous signs of addiction.

Eating junk food becomes addicting because of the pleasure we get from it. If we always succumb to the pleasure of eating junk food, then we can eventually get addicted to it. That should be enough for us to watch that sweet tooth or that salty craving!

Why Wait Before It’s Too Late?

The addiction is more apparent with obese people. An obese person craving for some junk food is like an addict craving for cocaine. In both cases, the brain reacts exactly the same way. Dr. Louis Aronne, a clinical professor in Weill Cornell Medical College, has this to say about obese people:

“In many ways, they can be addicted to junk food.”

It makes sense because if I always succumb to the pleasure of eating junk food, I’m definitely going to be obese! Why should I wait for the time when I’m obese? Given the severity of the effects of eating junk food, eating healthy should now be a priority. Furthermore, if you want to lose weight, then staying away from junk food should also be top of mind.

Getting On A Healthy Diet

While the effects of eating junk food can be very scary, there are ways to over come them. First and foremost, nothing beats a healthy diet. As somebody that’s not yet obese (thank goodness!) but is challenged with the temptation of eating junk food, I should make an extra effort to avoid the sweets, the fatty, and the salty foods. It’s a good thing that I can now avail of healthier snack alternatives from the leading diet delivery programs like Diet-To-Go. Diet-To-Go delivers pre-cooked, pre-portioned delicious meals to your house and these meals are prepared by their in-house Chefs. This option is definitely worth checking out.

Substitute The Salty, Sweet, And Fatty Foods

Here’s the lowdown; almost everybody eats junk food. Kids and grownups crave for that salty, sweet, and sometimes, fatty fix. So it wouldn’t be easy to stop craving for junk food.

But according to Dr. Eric Braverman it’s possible to stop the carvings that can eventually lead to food addiction. We just have to choose healthier food substitutes.

“You super charge your brain with high nutrient density and you cut your addiction and lose weight and it’s a permanent change in your brain so you no longer crave it … eating healthy and exercising will cut your addiction and you will defeat obesity for our children and for yourself …”

There are now meal replacements that can substitute the junk food we all love. There are some diet delivery services that have healthier snack options to satisfy our junk food craving. These healthy snack options can help us trick our brain to eat better.