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Weight Loss Is More Than Just Looking Good

weight-loss-success-storyMost of us associate the need to lose weight with the want to look good. That’s perfectly understandable because we all want to look good. So we all get into a weight loss program with the hope of finding beauty when we look into the mirror. But as we stick to the weight loss program, we soon realize that we’re going beyond just looking good.

The longer we stay on a weight loss program; we realize how important it is to live healthy. That is exactly what happened to Kathleen Ross. After years of eating fast food, she finally wanted to shed off the pounds. What happened soon after went beyond than just looking good.

Her Relationship With Food

Kathleen had a relationship with food … junk food to be more specific. Her dangerous eating habits led to a weight gain of more than two hundred pounds. At one point, she weighed 409 lbs.

Let’s face it; we all have a relationship with food. We love to eat until it’s too late. In Kathleen’s case, she found comfort in eating fast food even while she was pregnant. To make matters worse, she didn’t bother to exercise. She was just really living on the edge.

Huge Mom

We all get that moment when we realize that we DESPERATELY need to lose weight. In Kathleen’s case, she just couldn’t keep up with her son. Her (heavy) weight was keeping her from running after her son. She couldn’t play the usual games with her young son. The worse part of it all was that her son was being teased for having a huge mom. She just felt bad. Just like every mom, she just wanted to look good for her son.

Making The Decision

That got her to make a major decision. She finally started to go a fitness center. It wasn’t easy at first. She had to find a fitness center that could accommodate her schedule. But more than that, she just couldn’t keep with any of the machines. For someone that was trying to workout for the first, she just didn’t think she could do it. But she did it! She didn’t give up.

She did try some weight loss programs but none of them worked. The only thing that worked for her was a daily calorie intake of 1, 500. When she hit a plateau, she lessened it to 1,200 calories. With her limited calorie intake and her regular workout schedule, she was able to drop about 229 lbs.

A Much Better Person

From being a “huge mom” to an avid runner, Kathleen feels wonderful. She’s a much better person; happier and healthier. But all those efforts started simply because she wanted to look good for her son. As she challenged her way through her regular workout and limited calorie intake, she just didn’t end up looking good. Suffice to say, she ended up far more than that. She transformed into someone that has so much zest for life. Now that she has shed off all those pounds; she’s finally living a healthier lifestyle. For her, that’s her reward for not giving up.

We can all be inspired by Kathleen’s story. But it’s really up to us to make that change. Inspiration is not enough. Kathleen showed us sheer determination. We can surely learn a thing or two from her.

It really wouldn’t hurt to associate the need to lose weight with the want to look good. In my opinion, that’s a good starting point. But if there’s one thing I’m sure of, it’s the fact that we’ll all end up healthier and yes, happier! That’s so much more than just looking good.

Should You Ramp Up Your Exercise To Lose Weight?

woman-exercising-lose-weightMore, more, and more! You’ll exercise more this year. If you had been working out for an hour a day, you’ll ramp it up to two hours. If you had been working out three times a week, you’ll ramp it up to everyday. Now that’s a lot of work for you. But you need to do it and you want to do it. You want to feel lighter. Hence, you have to work harder.

It Doesn’t Have To Be That Way

No pain, no gain? That’s probably true for some. And if you believe in it, go ahead. If you want to ramp up your exercise routine, go ahead. You can add another hour; add another day. That’s your choice. It really is your own time and energy after all. But the good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way. You can keep on doing your regular exercise routine and still lose weight.

Exercise is important. That is something you should really find time to do. And if you’ve been doing it for some time, then you’re good. Keep on doing it. You’re dong the right thing. But to spend more time doing it for the sole purpose of losing weight is absurd. Losing weight shouldn’t be that hard. You shouldn’t have to spend so much time on it. You shouldn’t have to be so obsessed with it. So here are your other options.

Get On A Good Healthy Diet

You want to lose some weight now? Get on a good healthy diet. This is not to say that you’ll stop exercising. By all means, keep on doing what you’re doing. And if you want to ramp it up, go for it. But then again that’s your option.

A good healthy diet can help you get back to shape. Now if that sounds too much for you, don’t worry. A good healthy diet is not hard to find. One great option for you is a meal replacement plan.

And if you’re wondering what a meal replacement plan, it’s exactly what it is. It’s a weight loss plan that replaces all your regular meals with pre portioned food. One good example of such plan is Nutrisystem. Every kind of food from the Nutrisystem program has very little calories. But that’s not to say it’s devoid of any nutritious content. Nutrisystem only cuts down on the calories and not on the nutrients.

Is it safe? Yes, it’s definitely safe. Nutrisystem was created by a doctor 25 years ago. To this day, a team of medical and health experts ensure the food is effective and safe for weight loss. And that’s why a lot of people trust Nutrisystem to help them lose weight.

Live A Balanced Life

The best way to lose weight and to keep it off is by living a balanced life. Nothing beats healthy living. Skimp on the alcohol. For your sugar and salt cravings, Nutrisystem can help you there as well. Nutrisystem can easily replace your snacks with healthier options. You’ll be able to satisfy your cravings without succumbing to the dangers of sugar and salt.

So live a balanced life. Don’t spend too much time exercising and exhausting yourself. Balance it out. Exercise, eat healthy, and get a lot of sleep.

Stop Pressuring Yourself

You want to lose weight? Just do it! But don’t pressure yourself. It’s the worse thing you can do to yourself. You can easily lose weight without the pressure. So stop pressuring yourself to work out more. Just go on and work out. Keep on doing that. Then get on a healthy diet and live a balanced life. The weight will come off when you least expect it.