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New Year’s Weight Loss Resolution: Where Exactly Are You At?

You can’t believe it.  You’re wondering just how fast time flies. It seemed like it was just yesterday when you made your New Year’s resolution.  But a couple of weeks have passed already.

You promised to lose weight. You promised to make it happen this year. So the question is, is it happening now?

If it’s not happening, don’t feel frustrated. This article states that about 36% give up on their New Year’s resolution. So if you think you’re part of the 36%, don’t worry. You can still make it happen. Just follow these tips from the article.

Revisit Your Resolution

So it’s not happening for you. You’re not losing weight. Well, it really isn’t the end of the world. The best thing you can do is to revisit your resolution. What exactly is your resolution? Did you just commit to losing weight? If you did, that’s too vague. And that’s probably the reason why it’s not happening for you.

You need to be specific with your resolution. It’s not just a matter of saying that you need to lose weight. Weight loss is your goal. What you need to do is to establish your actions plan.  Having a good grasp on your action plan can help you reach your goal.

See It In Writing

What good is your plan if it isn’t written out? If you want to reach your goal, write down your action plan. You’ll have a clearer idea as to how to lose weight. In the process, you can even tweak your action plan.

Your written action plan can guide you through your weight loss journey. It’ll give you a good sense of direction. And if it doesn’t feel right, you can always change or tweak it. But your goal remains the same. And that’s to lose weight.

Remember It’s Not An Overnight Thing

Weight loss is not an overnight thing. Even a quick weight loss plan cannot promise overnight results. If you’re not losing weight, don’t worry. Go back to your actions plan. See what works. See what doesn’t. You can always tweak it. But do not expect to lose weight in such a short span of time. Weight loss takes time. So give it time.

Change Your Mindset

Don’t get frustrated. Don’t get depressed. If you’re not losing weight, change your mindset. Take a more positive approach. Don’t just tell yourself to lose weight. Confidently commit to make it happen. You can only do that with a more positive mindset. So tell yourself you can do it. Encourage and motivate yourself. Believe in yourself.

Monitor Your Progress

With your actions plan written down, you won’t have a hard time monitoring your progress. You’ll know exactly where you’re at if you do this.

Consider Other Options

If you’re having a hard time losing weight and you don’t have the time to write out all your action plan, how about considering other options. One good option for you is to start a meal replacement program.

With a meal replacement program, you don’t need to do much. Everything is done for you. An action plan is laid out for you. Your progress is monitored. And the best part is that your food is prepared for you. You don’t have to do anything but eat. And what you’ll be eating are better and healthier foods. This is definitely a good option for you to consider.

Don’t Give Up

If it’s not happening, don’t give up. Give it time. The minute you give up, you’ll go back to your old habits. And that’s not good. You might even gain more weight. That’s going to make everything more complicated.

Don’t ever give up on losing weight. Your health is important. If it’s not happening, do something about it. But giving up should never be an option.