Weight Loss Is More Than Just Looking Good

weight-loss-success-storyMost of us associate the need to lose weight with the want to look good. That’s perfectly understandable because we all want to look good. So we all get into a weight loss program with the hope of finding beauty when we look into the mirror. But as we stick to the weight loss program, we soon realize that we’re going beyond just looking good.

The longer we stay on a weight loss program; we realize how important it is to live healthy. That is exactly what happened to Kathleen Ross. After years of eating fast food, she finally wanted to shed off the pounds. What happened soon after went beyond than just looking good.

Her Relationship With Food

Kathleen had a relationship with food … junk food to be more specific. Her dangerous eating habits led to a weight gain of more than two hundred pounds. At one point, she weighed 409 lbs.

Let’s face it; we all have a relationship with food. We love to eat until it’s too late. In Kathleen’s case, she found comfort in eating fast food even while she was pregnant. To make matters worse, she didn’t bother to exercise. She was just really living on the edge.

Huge Mom

We all get that moment when we realize that we DESPERATELY need to lose weight. In Kathleen’s case, she just couldn’t keep up with her son. Her (heavy) weight was keeping her from running after her son. She couldn’t play the usual games with her young son. The worse part of it all was that her son was being teased for having a huge mom. She just felt bad. Just like every mom, she just wanted to look good for her son.

Making The Decision

That got her to make a major decision. She finally started to go a fitness center. It wasn’t easy at first. She had to find a fitness center that could accommodate her schedule. But more than that, she just couldn’t keep with any of the machines. For someone that was trying to workout for the first, she just didn’t think she could do it. But she did it! She didn’t give up.

She did try some weight loss programs but none of them worked. The only thing that worked for her was a daily calorie intake of 1, 500. When she hit a plateau, she lessened it to 1,200 calories. With her limited calorie intake and her regular workout schedule, she was able to drop about 229 lbs.

A Much Better Person

From being a “huge mom” to an avid runner, Kathleen feels wonderful. She’s a much better person; happier and healthier. But all those efforts started simply because she wanted to look good for her son. As she challenged her way through her regular workout and limited calorie intake, she just didn’t end up looking good. Suffice to say, she ended up far more than that. She transformed into someone that has so much zest for life. Now that she has shed off all those pounds; she’s finally living a healthier lifestyle. For her, that’s her reward for not giving up.

We can all be inspired by Kathleen’s story. But it’s really up to us to make that change. Inspiration is not enough. Kathleen showed us sheer determination. We can surely learn a thing or two from her.

It really wouldn’t hurt to associate the need to lose weight with the want to look good. In my opinion, that’s a good starting point. But if there’s one thing I’m sure of, it’s the fact that we’ll all end up healthier and yes, happier! That’s so much more than just looking good.

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2 Responses to “Weight Loss Is More Than Just Looking Good”

  1. wquincy Says:

    I think majority of us are motivated to lose weight so that we could look good. Looking good is, no doubt, a good incentive to lose a couple of weight. Sadly, some folks associate looking good to being thin and that’s where the danger starts. Looking good is not about losing too much weight to end up thin. Thinness has nothing to do with looking good. Looking good is all about being healthy inside and out. It’s also about losing the right amount of weight that’s appropriate to your body structure. I really think that should be emphasized.

  2. jaze Says:

    Vanity plays a huge part in weight loss. After all, we all want to look good, don’t we? However, that doesn’t mean we should neglect our health. We should always prioritize our health over vanity. The only way to do that is to eat a proper diet.

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